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VHP is a hotel system that has a complete solution for various hotel levels. It really helps us managing our hotel operations through its functional modules. And as VHP Team serves this hospitality industry with 24/7 support and maintenance, they always ready when we need them. The development team always have useful insights when we discuss about new ideas to make an efficient operational control, with the support of a reliable system

Rina Dwi Utami - Corporate IT Director of Tauzia (2016)

An All in One, complete hotel system (PMS), starting from Front Office, Back Office, Kitchen, POS, to a convenience integration with all system regarding operational of the hotel. Now, with the appearance of the Cloud version, it really gives an alternative to owning company. The Sindata company alone has a very well-organized, effective, and efficient internal management. A large number of a high quality, 24/7 support team is ready for an after sales support to each and every clients.

Tri Wahono - Corporate IT Manager of PHM (2016)

Since the beginning of the entry of Best Western in Indonesia, we have already used VHP system starting from the Front Liner to the Back End. This system is fairly easy to use (user friendly), even to people that has never worked in a hotel industry before could learn to use VHP in a short amount of time. Even in the beginning of the implementation, VHP gave a training to all users and the implementation team accompanied us until the first financial report was able to be generated. For a system that integrates from FB, FO, Sales, Purchasing up to generating a financial report, this system is pretty stable, which means it does not have a lot of issues caused by data lost, data error, interface, or even system crash in a worst case.

Fadliansyah - Corporate Financial Controller of Best Western Indonesia (2016)