e1-VHP - Cloud Based Hotel PMS

e1-VHP is a new product under AppServer technology developed by VHP systems. Whereas e1 stands for “everyone”, which means every hotel can now be equipped with a sophisticated PMS. Besides, e1 stands for “enterprise one”, representing VHP under Appserver technology as an enterprise solution which also brings multi properties under one holding or same management.

Using the AppServer technology e1-VHP principally maintains the existing workflow without needing to use a local server machine. This distinguishes e1-VHP from the conventional VHP system, which is based on the conventional Client to Server principle. The data communication in e1-VHP happens between the PC client located in the hotel with a cloud server via reliable internet connection. Working environment and speed is equivalent to local data communication.

Due to today’s technology advancement and improvement of the internet connection, investment on hardware can be reduced to reasonable level especially for hotels with low budget. By using the Cloud Server technology, the hotel doesn't need to purchase a server unit, provide a server room and maintenance. All this can be replaced by monthly rental fee on Cloud Server and supporting internet connection.

e1-VHP is designed as a B2B application since the program needs to be installed on each PC unit /client. This makes e1-VHP more secured than B2C designed web applications that can be accessed by using internet browser from anywhere around the world, which brings higher risks on security and data access. The Graphic User Interface (GUI) of e1-VHP is identical to the current VHP(not HTML).