Leisure / Club

Leisure / Club Module is especially designed to streamline all areas of the club operation and improve guest service, ultimately increasing membership and profitability.

All the highlights at a glance:

  • Membership Management includes all membership information such as membership type, status, family members, billing information, demo-graphics.
  • Member File is linked to the VHP Guest Card File, so no re-entering of information is needed.
  • Complete Member History.
  • Facility Management for facility booking, scheduling and cancellation.
  • Class Management including enrollment, capacity management and booking fees.
  • Locker Management with active Locker Plan which shows real time locker status of each locker with direct access to Check In function (Today Use and Long Time).
  • Towel Management for registration of all outgoing and returned towels.
  • More than 20 statistical reports, including graphical representation.

Club Module can be easily integrated with VHP Pro, VHP Lite and Restaurant POS.