Restaurant POS

If you are like most hospitality business owners, these are probably a few of the many things you would like to, but are unable to accomplish because of constraints in terms of time and information. In a market where operators are facing the dilemma of downward pressure on margins, less than excellent service and business acumen, keeping business accuracy and competitiveness is a must.

Avoid day-to-day in-efficiencies e.g.

  • Wrong addition on guest checks.
  • Incorrect items being ordered.
  • Confusion in the kitchen.
  • Ordering food or beverage without putting it on a guest check.
  • Not knowing sales breakdown.
  • Wasted time walking to kitchen and bar to place orders.
  • Shrinkage - Use countdown on item buttons to track detail items.

Restaurant Point Of Sales system has been set to the highest standard for eatery software solution. Restaurant Point Of Sales is affordable, easy to use, feature rich, system stability and security, and accommodative to the complete system needs to operate the restaurant from Front-end operation to Back-end management.

With integrated modules especially tailor made to suit Fine Dining Restaurant, Quick Service Restaurant, Fast Food Chain, Bakery and other foodservice establishment; Restaurant Point Of Sales offers total solution to the entire food service industry.

User intuitiveness and ease of use are the design principles of Restaurant Point Of Sales to enable high level of service to the hotel system business operators. It is 100% MS Windows based with the wide options to operate under PC / LCD base, Touch Screen hardware or innovative PDA.

System Software Level

  • Fully Integrated System (One Vendor Solution) for Front-end sales and service operation, Back-end, Food and Beverage Management and Cost Control with Single Entry Philosophy to reduce human error.
  • Direct Database Access without any additional hardware interface, independent in relation with hardware platform.
  • Real Windows Base with Data Exchange to MS-Excel.
  • Security Protection for every function, individually definable for every user.
  • True Client-Server-Architecture. 32-Bit Windows-Client and Database Server.

User Level

  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Accuracy of orders.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Eliminate conservative, inaccurate and slow manual reporting.
  • Increase profitability by good inventory control.
  • Require minimum training, products are operated under Windows Standard.
  • Easy customization of reports.
  • Enable complete software solution by our internal software development.
  • Inter-link database does not need any re-organization of procedures; therefore maintenance is at minimum.