19 Sep
PT. Supranusa Sindata participates on Expo ACE Bali 2017

Sanur - Sep 15-16, 2017 ACE (Chief Engineers Association) is an association of director of engineering and chief engineers from hotels, villas, shopping malls and hospital industry with more than 1.600 members. The vision and mission of ACE is to embrace all of the

31 Aug
PT. Supranusa Sindata launches VHPmobile POS

PT. Supranusa Sindata, a leading international provider of software solutions for the hospitality industry has announced the launch of their newest mobile application product. The VHPmobile POS is an addition to the VHPmobile product range enhancing the VHP hotel

15 Aug
PT. Supranusa Sindata Participates on PHRI Color Fun Tea Walk 2017

Gunung Mas - Aug 13, 2017 Perhimpunan Hotel dan Restaurant Indonesia (PHRI) is a non-profit association of hotel and restaurant professionals operating in tourism industry in Indonesia. This year PHRI BPD Jakarta held their annual tea-walk gathering event with the theme

28 Jul
PT. Supranusa Sindata Participates on Rakerda BPD PHRI Jawa Timur

Surabaya - July 19-20, 2017 PHRI (Perhimpunan Hotel dan Restoran Indonesia) is a non-profit association of hotel and restaurant owners focusing on tourism sector growth in Indonesia. Over the years, PHRI has grown into an important association with close relation to

22 Jun
VHP Integrations with Panasonic PABX KX-NS300

PT. Supranusa Sindata (Visual Hotel Program - VHP Software Systems) and Panasonic announce the direct integration between VHP PMS with Panasonic newest PABX model KX-NS300. The integration has been introduced at the recent Food Hotel Indonesia expo held in April 2017 in